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The Breeding Ground for creative people, with the aim to inspire people in finding their passions through sharing our knowledge and wisdom in the field of Business Spirituality & Management.
I believe that following Convey is participating in the continuous flow of creativity, which in turn is part of our unlimited source of positive energy - which undoubtedly unites us to where we are now. In a philosophical way, I let the creative minds think about (WHO, WHAT and HOW) Who we really are, What skills we actually have and How we can achieve our goals in society, while helping each other. I do this by posting knowledge packed in various forms and perspectives, influenced by music, art and design.-------------------------------------------The Vision of Convey is to create an online-offline platform for creative people (leaders) in our society, where ideas are exchanged and visions become reality. A balanced environment that allows us to think, move and cooperate as we are naturally inclined to. With this we are working on an innovative and caring society in which everyone takes responsibility and work with each other in good and bad times. An environment in which there is little or no question of self-interest, but where people help/ and stand up for each other no matter the background (skin, religion). With this notion we are creating a society in which we can develop ourselves as real leaders. "Thank you for being inspired" - Dervin Sno (Conveier) 

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Ray Daal’s (Surinamese Artist) works are spontaneous, honest and unpredictable. Since 1987, he is known as a designer of graphic art and decor work, but since1980 he moves as a visual artist. His work arises from his innermost and predominating during the process of experiment. It offers him a broad freedom to come into a world of a greater truth.

His work can be admired in the Grand Riverside Hotel in Paramaribo (Suriname)

Or just check his website

Posted on Friday, August 16th 2013

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